Introductions are in order!

Hello everyone! My name is Sara Mohamed. If you’re looking at the blog at this point, you probably already know me, but if not, or you don’t know me that well, I’ll give a short introduction about myself and this blog. I’m a senior at Vanderbilt University who has a passion for public health and making health an equal opportunity for everyone. This semester, I will be applying to MPH programs (masters in public health) and I would love to go to Emory University. In the midst of all of this, one of my favorite ways to relieve stress and put perspective on my life is by cooking. Cooking is an art of imperfection and for someone like me, it really forces me to loosen up. All my life, I’ve grown up with home cooked meals courtesy of my mother and father. They grew up in Colombia and Egypt so their cooking styles are very much influenced by that culture. Logically, mine is too. However, since I grew up in the US, and really started to cook while living in the South I have another area of influence in my cooking which is Southern cuisine.

Now, I’m not saying I’m a pro cook, far from it actually. But I do enjoy cooking and my friends and family seem to think the things I make are pretty good! While I have those three cooking influences, you’ll see a wide variety of recipes on this blog. I love experimenting and finding ways of making yummy, healthy, and low cost meals. That’s what I will try to consider when posting recipes on this food blog; practical, healthy cooking.

So, you’ve all seen those food blogs that only post organic, fair trade, locally raised, farmer’s market  recipes that are super healthy. (Ex: Or maybe you haven’t? Is that just me?… Anyway, I love looking at these food blogs, but a lot of the recipes are not necessarily attainable by someone who might be on a budget, or by someone who doesn’t regularly have ghee in their pantry ( just in case you’re curious about ghee). So the point of this food blog is to post recipes that reach the needs of the more average individual. This could  be people who want to be healthy but don’t live strictly on kale (super healthy people, no disrespect intended, I admire you and some day hope to be like you. For now though…) and eat the occasion slice of cake…or two…or three, I don’t know. In light of this, I’ll try to include recipes that use ingredients you have in your pantry (disclaimer: I assume that you should have salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and cumin in your pantry) or that can be easily purchased. I’ll wait if you need to go to the grocery store…

All in all, the recipes posted shouldn’t be too difficult, and they should be relatively healthy and hopefully really yummy. Anyway, enjoy looking around. I get more into myself and the title of the of blog in the about section. Be on the look out for recipes soon!


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