Cauliflower Pasta

Hmm…I just realized this is my second cauliflower post on here. You guys must think I’m really obsessed with cauliflower. I don’t know, maybe I am…it’s good stuff! One of the great things about it is that it is such a versatile vegetable. In this case, I am going to use it to make a pasta sauce.

You know those times when you are craving a creamy alfredo sauce or something like it but A.) you don’t have the time to make it and B.) you’re trying to be a bit healthier? Well then, this is a great alternative and you should definitely give it a try. Pair it with some whole wheat pasta and throw in some sauteed mushrooms and you’ve got yourself a healthy and yummy meal! This time around I added some sauteed spinach to the sauce because it doesn’t change the flavor, it makes it even healthier, and it makes it a cool green color! You can keep it out though if you just want to do the basic cauliflower sauce.



1 head of cauliflower cut into small equal sized pieces (or as close to equal as you can)

Butter/olive oil

Some minced garlic (maybe like 3 cloves) This is optional, if you don’t like garlic, leave it out

2 cups spinach

1-3 cups broth or water

1/2 cup of milk

1 teaspoon salt

Pepper to taste

Additional Ingredients


Lemon juice

Parmesan Cheese

Freshly Chopped Parsley


1. Set some salted water to boil. Cook the cauliflower until it is tender and easily smashed with a pair of tongs. Or you can steam the cauliflower. 

2. Cook pasta according to package instructions.

3. Sautee the garlic in a pan with some butter or olive oil until it is tender and slightly golden, but not brown.

4. Add the spinach and cook it until it wilts. Take this off the heat.

5. Take your cooked cauliflower florets and put them in a blender with the 1/2 cup of milk, garlic, spinach, and 1 cup of broth/water. Start out with a cup of water, you may need more but you can adjust for texture and flavor as you go on.

6. Add salt/pepper and whatever seasonings you want as needed. This is a recipe that can easily be adjusted. Cream sauces, however, always seem to respond well to some lemon juice. Add more water if the sauce is too thick.

7. Once you are satisfied with the flavor and texture add it to the pasta and let it heat up in the pan until it has warmed up some.

8. Enjoy!

Get to it this could be you…

cauliflower pasta edited


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