Best of St. Louis: Restaurant Edition


Alright people, today I’m doing something a bit different. Instead of posting a recipe, I’m going to tell you all the delicious places you should go eat at in St. Louis. If you know Matt and I, you know that one of our favorite things to do is to go out to new restaurants that have been recommended to us or we’ve heard about. We might be what you would describe as foodies (lololol). Anyway, here’s how this is going to work. I’ve broken this down into sections by the category of food. In each section, I’m only going to put one or two places because more than that and it’ll get overwhelming. So I’ll start with our favorite…PIZZA.


  1. Imo’s Pizza. HA just kidding. I’m just obligated to say that since I live in St. Louis now.
  2. The real number one is Black Thorn Pizza and Pub. They serve a deep dish style pizza that has so much cheese in it,  you’ll almost say this is too much cheese until you remember you can never have enough cheese and realize it’s perfect just the way it is. NOTE: You will wait around an hour for your pizza so be aware of that. Also it’s more of a hole in the wall so don’t expect a nice place. Definitely a fun vibe though!
  3. Pi Pizzeria– Pi is most famous for their twist on the classic deep dish pizza. Instead of a flour crust, they have a cornmeal crust that is super yummy and crunchy. Their pre-made pizza toppings are also named after and use ingredients which reflect different STL areas (Ex: the hill) which makes it extra St. Louis-y!


  1. Stacked STL– This would have to be my favorite burger place. It’s a bit of a ways from where we are in the Central West End, but so good. Also, this may be biasing my decision a bit because I LOVE FRIES, but their fries are so good. Their matchstick fries and so crunchy. I’d say it’s worth the drive. Keep in mind we went on a Thursday and it was still really crowded so I can’t imagine what weekends are like!
  2. The Dam– While they may not have a ton of choices, what they do have is delicious. I’ve gotten their magic mushroom burger and it was so flavorful and everything I wanted it to be. According to their website, they use sustainable, antibiotic, and hormone free meat which is also a plus. Finally, they’re fries are dang good which for me makes them a winner.
  3. Layla– This is the home to Matt’s favorite burger in St. Louis: The Wilford Brimley. It’s a beef and bacon patty with pepperjack, more bacon, onion rings, and bourbon bacon jam on top all on a pretzel bun. As you can tell, it’s a bit much for me, but I’ve taken a bite before and even I would have to say it is a tasty burger. If you go and you don’t like burgers, get their chicken shawarma. I get it every time and am never disappointed. Also, end with a milkshake if you have room. We got their open sesame milkshake which has tahini in it and it was a delicious balance of sweet and salty.


  1. Baida– This is a Moroccan restaurant on South Grand that will not disappoint you. We took Matt’s family there when they came to visit and everyone liked their dish. They make the most buttery and delicious couscous and their tajine was quite good too. It’s also owned by a sweet older couple from Morocco. They made us feel very welcome and made sure we were enjoying the food. Definitely check them out!
  2. House of India– I didn’t realize I liked Indian food until college. You’re probably crying for me over there, and I get it, I missed out on the deliciousness for so long! Well now I’m telling you so you don’t have to miss out on it too. While I am no expert on Indian food, I thought House of India had delicious food and good service. We went there for both the lunch buffet and regular dinner and left full and happy after both.
  3. Sameem– Sameem is an Afghan restaurant, something you don’t see very often here in the U.S. Just for that, you should go. Thankfully, it also has delicious food. The way I can describe it is a mix between Indian and Middle eastern cuisine. This means it’s super flavorful and bursting with spices. Yaaas. It’s a small place, but don’t be fooled, you will leave happy.
  4. Taco Circus– Alright so it’s a stretch on ethnic food, but this really is the best taco place in St. Louis. After leaving Nashville, I thought I’d never see a good taco again, but taco circus proved me wrong. Definitely get the pork taco, you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Lulu’s Local Eatery– This is one of my favorite restaurants in St. Louis. They change their menu on a seasonal basis, but it is always good. They started out as a food truck and now they have their own restaurant. If you feel like eating healthily but don’t want to skimp on the delicious aspect go to Lulu’s!


  1. Union Loafers– If you know me at all you know I love bread. It is my favorite food and always will be. So when I found out about Union Loafers, a place that makes their own bread, you could say I was excited. Well, they did not disappoint. We went for lunch one day and I had a simple turkey sandwich and their soup of the day. It was so good and filling and I ended up buying a loaf of bread to go. Keep in mind their cafe is only open for lunch time though!
  2. Blue’s City Deli– Alright, so I’ll be honest, I’ve only been here once…but it was SO GOOD. They’re only open for lunch on weekdays and dinner on Thursdays, but you should definitely find time to make it out there. This is as close as you can get to a traditional deli in St. Louis. They also have live music a lot of the times they’re open on Thursdays, which is a lot of fun! Just be ready for a crowd.


  1. Clementine’s Creamery Naughty & Nice Ice Cream– Matt and I discovered Clementine’s one day just walking around Lafayette square. I’m so glad we did. They have super creative flavors and their ice cream is so darn creamy. Plus, if you’re into it they have alcoholic ice creams!
  2. Ted Drewe’s frozen custard– I put this one in mostly for Matt. If you live in St. Louis you’ve probably heard of it. They make super creamy vanilla custard and then you add toppings to mix in. There’s contention as to whether it really is the best custard in STL, but it’s the most famous and the only one I’ve been to so it’s on the list!

Well I hope that is enough to get you started. I have come to love this new city I’m in and love the food it offers and I hope you do too! Let me know what your favorite places are in the comments!


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