Kat and Chris’s engagement session


So I know that usually (read: always) write about food and post recipes and such. Today though, I’m doing something different. A few months ago, I got a camera and since then have been trying to learn to use it properly so I can take nice pictures of not only my food, but of people. I find photography to be fascinating and there is is so much to learn about it! So recently, when one of my friends asked me to photograph an engagement session for her and her fiance, I thought- why not? I looked up poses and got ready for the session. I was a little bit nervous, but I shouldn’t have been. It was so much fun to get these two behind the camera and photograph them…they are naturals! The love they have for each other along with their easy going and fun nature was evident in the pictures. Even though it was 34 degrees and rainy, you can’t tell because they were so happy to be hanging out with each other!

I’m not sure I’ll have this sort of opportunity again, but I thought I would share the one I did because love like this should be shared.



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